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What is ego talk?

It can be expressly defined as the chatter of self-identification and false consciousness that serves to elide the trauma of the Real.

When people ask for the specific demands of #ows, are they not attempting to regress to ego talk? They wish to define and ensnare the #ows movement in the Symbolic. “#ows, know your place!” this is what they effectively say. However, #ows is vital precisely because it is hysteric, those participating have rejected their “proper place.” Also this.

As I have said before, the sublime aspect of #ows is that it places dissent before consent. It lacks positive content because it is a true “leap of faith”. What has been affirmed are not dogmatic tenets, but Sacred solidarity and hope.

That is, a “leap of faith” is not an affirmation of a belief, but a way of being in the world. For #ows, the leap is the existential commitment to physically occupy a space.