“The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” William Gibson

I must say, I have been to date unawares of the category of the “altermodern,” but isn’t this precisely Zizek’s resuscitation of Hegel? Isn’t the altermodern the predictable backlash against post-modernity, having traversed its multiplicity, difference, and “play”? The altermodern is the reassertion of modern universality and reason, from within a concrete context of perspective subordinated to identity. From feminists to hipsters, do we not assert both our radical contingency as unique agents and the universal validity of our projects? We assert, in the same breath, the existence of plural truth and the global community that upholds those truths.

As has been observed in psychoanalytic circles, theorizing the apocalypse is the easy way out. To say the system will simply collapse is a cheap gimmick to resolve a far more complicated 21st century situation.

Instead, we could be on the cusp of a transitioning to a society that is both radically decentered and radically connected. What is #ows but solidarity in difference? They claim to be the 99%, but really they are the 100%, this is an effort in line with authentic atheism and authentic democracy, we affirm that the place of power is essentially empty, that there is no “higher authority” beyond the autonomy of historically acting people. Who is responsible for the current crisis? We are, and if that realization can be attained, when people “stop believing” that corporations control them and when they  “stop believing” that the government will bail them out, we will have successfully occupied.

(I apologize for both the brevity of these posts and their lack of pragmatic feasibility, I hope to return to form once I am no longer under the influence of a romantic social movement.)