“End the war, tax the rich.”

Isn’t it confused to ask for the end of a war while starting a class war?

“Get money out of politics.”

Isn’t the demand to “get money out of politics” also confused? Isn’t this entire demonstration an effort to politicize the economy?

The current general assembly doesn’t really want to separate money and politics, it seeks to further conjoin them. The folks that have assembled want the market to work for the People. However, lets not make this into a lefty attempt to create an empowered, just, and benevolent state. This is a fantasy, but so is the rightist attempt to limit the state for the sake of a “free market.” There is no “benevolent power” and there is no “free market,” aren’t these contradictions in terms?

The fundamental moral project of modernity is autonomy. Let us return to that notion, this is a protest agianst illegitimate authority as such. Therefore, this is a protest against both state and capital and it exceeds the bounds of left-wing and right-wing aligments.

The best allegory that has been brought to my attention comes from Star Wars. The powers of capital (“corporations”) are The Emperor, and the state is Darth Vader. Our only hope is for Darth Vader to throw The Emperor to his death, but in order for that to happen, Darth Vader must also be defeated.

At this very moment #ows is nothing less and nothing more than a democratic rebirth. Ignore congress, ignore the senate, ignore Obama, and let the people speak, you can listen to them at your local general assembly.

Of course, we know it isn’t that simple and that’s way the #ows movement is commited to a long term praxis of direct democracy.